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Can-Am Releases 2015 Line Up

There is big news from Can-Am and BRP today. They aren’t just releasing one new machine or a couple of new features. The Can-Am and BRP 2015 Line Up includes multiple all-new models, a new Rotax engine, numerous model enhancements … Continue reading

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  • Michigan Introduces Year-round Catch and Immediate Release Bass Season, Apr 14, 2015

    Bass anglers can now target bass year-round in Michigan with new catch and immediate release regulations that protect the spawning season, but allow angling opportunities. Image by Derrek Sigler.

    Michigan ranks as one of the top bass fisheries in North America. Coming on the heels of other recent changes to the state's fishing regulations, a catch and immediate release (CIR) season for bass has been established across the state year-round in waters open to fishing. There are two types of catch and release. CIR is defined as removing the fish from the water only long enough to safely remove the hook. The fish must be returned to the water immediately without undo harm. Catch and delayed release (CDR) is a common term among tournament anglers, as the fish are caught, kept alive out...

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  • 5 Ways to Prep for Michigan Bass Season, Apr 07, 2015

    Spring means the arrival of Michigan bass season. Keep these five things in mind as you plan your attack for spring bass.

    Michigan anglers look forward to the opening days of the season much like deer hunters do. The opening weekend of largemouth and smallmouth bass season brings a lot of people to the water hoping to tie into a bucket mouth or bronzeback. With an early catch-and-release season, anglers now have more opportunities to put fish in the boat. 1. Know your seasons For 2015, there are some important dates to keep in mind for bass fishing in Michigan. A catch and immediate release season is open on Lower Peninsula waters from April 25 through May 22. For Upper Peninsula anglers, those dates are May...

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  • New ATVs and UTVs from SHOT Show 2015, Jan 29, 2015

    Yamaha’s new Wolverine R-Spec is aimed right at the adventurous recreational rider looking to explore any terrain. Image courtesy Yamaha.

    For those of us geeks in the hunting and shooting sports media, the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas is a little like Christmas. We get to see all the cool new guns and gear being unveiled for the year and get some hands-on time drooling over stuff. For those of us that dig power sports stuff, there’s usually quite a bit to wet our appetites too, and 2015 did not disappoint. Yamaha’s new Wolverine R-Spec Yamaha used SHOT to unveil their all-new 2016 Wolverine UTV. Not a revamped Viking (or even a refined...

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  • Don’t Leave Home Without These Snowmobile Trail Essentials, Jan 28, 2015


    For those of us in the northern reaches, winter is a time to go outside and play just as much as summer is. Snowmobiles provide transportation and recreation for many venturing out across the snow-covered lands. To be safe and get the most enjoyment out of the ride, there are a few essential items every snowmobiler should have along for the ride. A properly running sled Before you take off down the trail, making sure your sled is running like it is supposed to is vital. A trailside breakdown, especially in the cold of winter, can prove to be lethal. Make sure your spark plug is clean and...

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Ride Michigan Snowmobile Trails, Dec 18, 2014

    Don't hesitate. Make plans to get out on Michigan's snowmobile trails today!

    I feel bad for folks who have never had the opportunity to throw a leg over a snowmobile and go for a ride across the frozen white stuff. Growing up in Northern Michigan, it was just what we did in the winter, along with ice fishing, sledding, and more. Snowmobiles are part of the winter landscape and are a great way to enjoy the frozen splendor of the Great Lake State. Here are five reasons why you need to give it a try. 1. There's lots of trails One of the many great things about the state if you're a sled head is the abundant trail system. There are over 6,200 miles of groomed trails in...

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