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The 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 is simply amazing

There are those brands that are synonymous with quality. You probably have a few of them in your gun cabinet, and probably one in the driveway, too. When it comes to power sports vehicles, Honda is the oldest name in the business. After all, they did invent the ATV. With much of the market for all-terrain vehicles dominated by side-by-sides, it was only a matter of time before Honda made the leap with a vehicle they felt would make an impact and get a lot of attention. Continue reading

The 2016 Can Am Defender goes on the offensive

The side-by-side market is getting pretty crowded these days, with manufacturers looking for new ways to scrape out a share. For outdoors men and women, the utility/recreation area is prime real estate. These are the machines that are designed for work first and some play. We want something that can put in food plots, haul stands and do chores around the property, and then have a good time scouting and maybe doing a little exploring during the off season. Can Am worked hard to develop a machine that fits into this area, and with the 2016 Defender, they knocked it out of the park. Continue reading

Can Am adds 2016 Defender MAX to the family

The tough, capable and clever Can-Am Defender family of side-by-side vehicles gives drivers a leg up over the competition in the agricultural, hunting and outdoor market segments. The addition of the new Defender MAX family offers comfortable seating for up to six adults, unmatched versatility with its pick-up truck-inspired features and enhanced stability from its 115.5-in. (293.4 cm) long chassis. Continue reading

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