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Can-Am Releases 2015 Line Up

There is big news from Can-Am and BRP today. They aren’t just releasing one new machine or a couple of new features. The Can-Am and BRP 2015 Line Up includes multiple all-new models, a new Rotax engine, numerous model enhancements … Continue reading

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  • 5 Things Only Michigan Hunters Know, Nov 25, 2014

    Michigan hunters will know where this buck is, or a bigger one. It’s in the swamp, on the ridge, or down by “Bob’s Blind.”

    Hunters know a lot of stuff. It’s true, just ask them. Hunters in the Great Lake State know even more and a lot of what they know has to do with traditions. Hunting is a sport steeped in tradition, and just about every part of hunting season has some tradition involved with it---whether it's deer camp, a lucky jacket, or anything else. And we all know where we hunt---hunting spots don’t have specific names. It’s Bob’s Ridge, or The Hill. And we all know of a particular swamp that holds the Turdy Point Buck. There are a few other things all Michigan hunters know, too. 1. November has...

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  • Late Fall is a Season of Thanks-fishing in Michigan, Nov 20, 2014

    The author enjoying some of Michigan's late fall fishing offerings. Image courtesy Derrek Sigler.

    November can be a weird month for Michigan anglers. It can be plenty cold, and in some cases cold enough to freeze over the inland lakes. But that early ice won’t be anywhere close enough to walk on. The salmon runs are over, and the weather can be downright horrible, making it dangerous to go out on the bigger lakes. Then there is deer season. Some anglers put their rods away come November, but that's a huge mistake. November has amazing steelhead fishing, as the first strong runs of winter fish come into the river to fatten up on salmon eggs. There are also stupendous opportunities to...

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  • November Fowlin’: Your Last-minute Guide to Michigan Waterfowl Hunting, Nov 13, 2014

    November usually brings Michigan its first real taste of winter, and along with it, a final push of ducks and geese. Image by Derrek Sigler.

    For those of us who would rather hunt ducks and geese than deer, November is just as special of a time for us as it is for those chasing whitetails around. Sure, we Michigan sportsmen and women have been able to hunt birds since the beginning of September, but the next-to-the-last month of the year is cold. Winter is just around the corner and the North Country is already frozen, meaning the big push is upon us. We all know about the gales of November. This time of year brings unpredictable weather patterns and the first real snow of the year. It also brings huge flocks of geese and the...

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  • Last-minute Deer Season Prep, Nov 05, 2014

    The best part of being a prepared hunter? Getting to share your success with friends and family. Image by Rich Lagerquist.

    It's late in the evening November 14, and you're digging through a box of stuff in the closet. You're frantically searching for those blaze orange gloves you just know you have somewhere. You're probably laughing right now, because we've all been there and done exactly that. There are always a few things that end up waiting until the last minute before deer season gets here. I'm going to try really hard to not let it happen to me again this season. Michigan's firearm deer season happens every year on November 15. For many of us, it's like a holiday. Schools are closed, vacation time saved...

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  • First Ride: 2015 Honda Foreman Rubicon, Oct 31, 2014

    The 2015 Honda Foreman Rubicon Automatic DCT EPS Deluxe model is as nice to look at as it is to ride.

    When it comes to ATVs, there are no more loyal owners out there than Honda owners. Honda has a reputation for making bulletproof, high-quality vehicles. That reputation is well deserved, too. After all, Honda practically invented the sport with the 1970 ATC 90, a seven-horsepower three-wheeler intended to give dealers something interesting to sell during winter months when motorcycle sales cooled off. Little did they know then that they were creating an entirely new market. Jump ahead to today. Honda recently unveiled the all-new Read more »