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Can-Am Releases 2015 Line Up

There is big news from Can-Am and BRP today. They aren’t just releasing one new machine or a couple of new features. The Can-Am and BRP 2015 Line Up includes multiple all-new models, a new Rotax engine, numerous model enhancements … Continue reading

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  • The Free CarbonTV iOS App Puts the Outdoors at Your Fingertips, Jan 17, 2016

    The CarbonTV iOS app allows users to enjoy all of their favorite outdoor programming from wherever they choose.

    It seems that just about everyone is on a smartphone these days and we all use them more and more. Heck, my iPhone does more than my first laptop computer ever did. They are now fully-fledged sources of entertainment. That being said, it takes a pretty cool app to make it on my phone and stay there, and one that’s staying is the CarbonTV iOS app. The CarbonTV app is perfect for a cord-cutter like me. I can binge watch my favorite outdoor shows for free all from my phone....

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  • Kicking the Off-season Blues, Jan 12, 2016

    One of the ways to keep busy in the off-season is by building your own jigs with a kit like this.

    It’s finally here. The day you hoped wouldn’t ever come---the off-season has begun. One day you’re hunting, shooting, or fishing, and the next, you’re not. The season is closed, the weather has changed. It can be a real letdown. We all feel your pain. There’s a few great ways to kick those off-season blues, however. I like to think that the day after a season ends, it’s not the off-season, and it’s just the start of the next one. It's time to start preparing. The happy fisherman For anglers, the off-season is a time to go through all their gear, strip line off reels, check rods...

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  • The Essential Guide to Reloading Gear, Dec 29, 2015


    There are a lot of great reasons to reload your own ammunition. It can be more economical if you spend a lot of time behind the trigger. It can also help you avoid ammo shortages if you’ve got a good supply of materials. But perhaps the best reason to reload your own ammo is accuracy. There is no better way to truly dial in your gun than by loading the specific ammo that works best for it. And when the weather outside is frightful, loading up some ammo is a great way...

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  • Great Last-minute Holiday Gifts for Hunters, Dec 21, 2015


    My wife always says that I’m so hard to buy gifts for. If I want it, or as I say it “need it,” then I already have it. Really, though, it’s not that hard to buy a sweet last-minute gift for me or any other hunter in your life. Here’s a list I gave my wife. Maybe it’ll help you too. Bow ho ho One of the things I look forward to around the holidays is bowhunting. Why not get me a new crossbow? I like the Cabela's Instinct...

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  • Winter is Rabbit Hunting Time in Michigan, Dec 14, 2015

    Winter in Michigan means it's rabbit hunting time.

    Each season holds a special place in the hearts of Michigan sportsmen. Spring gets the turkey hunters wound up. Summer is the right time to kick back and fish. Fall gets the deer and waterfowl hunters out of bed in the morning. When the snow starts piling up, it’s time to chase rabbits, and Michigan has some outstanding rabbit hunting. Hunting rabbits The season for hunting rabbits in the Great Lake State runs from September 15 to March 31. Most avid rabbit hunters in Michigan wait until December or later to really kick in the season. Depending on how you’re chasing them, a rabbit gun is...

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