2013 Mathew’s ZXT – High performance, budget price

As technology makes bows better, it doesn’t always make them cheaper. Mathew’s Archery has decided to do something about that with the ZXT. You get top shelf styling and features, but a price that puts a few extra c-notes back in your pocket. I’m good with that!

2013 Mathew’s ZXT in Lost Camo

The new ZXT™ is designed with proven Mathews® features at an affordable price. Powered by the popular ZX Single Cam™ the ZXT™ has a great blend of smooth draw, speed and low recoil. With technologies such as Reverse Assist Roller Guard™, GridLock® Riser Design and Harmonic Dampers®, you won’t find a better performing bow for the money.

ZXT Specs* 
IBO                               Up to 326 fps

Axle to Axle                 28”

Brace                           7.375”

Physical Weight         4.20

Let off                           80%

Draw Weights             40-70 & 65 lbs

Draw Lengths              24-30”

Half sizes                      24.5-29.5”

MSRP                             $799

Finish Available            Lost Camo® and Black