AAE Archery introduces the Pro Drop rest

Arizona Archery Enterprises produces the Pro Drop, a limb activated, fall-away arrow rest is incredibly accurate, and performs flawlessly throughout the movement of the limb.

The Pro Drop has been designed and engineered with tight tolerances for consistency, accuracy and durability.  Its axle rotates on twin ball bearing assemblies for speed and longevity.  The rest’s NO stretch activation cable attaches to the upper limb with AAE’s Limb Sandwich.   The micro adjustability of the rest, both horizontally and vertically make the Pro Drop Rest quick and easy to set up.  The Pro Drop’s urethane, over-molded, spring steel launcher arm supports the arrow three quarters of the way through the shot cycle then quickly and silently falls away, allowing plenty of clearance for even hi-profile fletching.

The Pro Drop rest is machined from tough aircraft grade 6061 T-6 aluminum assuring strength and durability in even the most extreme and rugged hunting conditions.  Its urethane, over molded, spring steel launcher arm is whisper quiet as the arrow is drawn and remains silent as it comes to a stop at the shots end.  It’s quick installation, and ease of tuning, make’s the Pro Drop rest the preferred choice of bowhunters.

For more information on Arizona Archery Enterprise, their Pro Drop fall-a-way rest or any of the fine products from AAE, visit them at www.arizonaarchery.com