SD_WalleyeWhat is Outwrite Outdoors? Well the name came about when I was starting a freelance life. I am an Outdoor Writer, so I wanted to simply call the page Outwrite. As it turned out, there is an extremely left-wing bookstore already using that name. So, I added the Outdoors to it, mostly because I still wanted to use Outwrite, and if it made someone mad along the way, all the better.

You’ll find hunting, fishing and power sports content here. I like to say that if it has to do with the outdoors, I’m into it. If we’re chasing bluegills in a local pond, or sharks in the Pacific, let’s go! Squirrels in the swamp, or moose in the meadows… And if it’s got a motor, there’s no doubt, I’d throttle out!

I grew up a typical farm kid. Driving tractors, working hard and spending way more time in the great outdoors than I can even recall. Went to college to be a biologist, and along the way turned into a full-time writer. I’ve lived and traveled all across the country and have had the pleasure of working with some truly great folks too.

I started fishing when I could walk. I’m serious. I have seen pictures of myself holding a fishing pole when I could barely stand up. I started hunting when I was eleven, and got my first ATV then too. My wife is into the same things and our kids, well the kids are into everything and more. Seriously folks, if you see my daughter in control of a motor vehicle someday – beware! The girl is a speed demon!

As a freelance writer, I’m “for hire.” I cover anything, not just outdoor fun stuff. This includes technical writing, press materials, online newsletters – I consider myself a professional, and I do professional work. I do some photography work as well, but am by no means a professional photographer. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. If I can’t, I’m sure I can put you in touch with someone who can.

Thank you for stopping by. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go outside.