Outwrite Outdoors Staff

Outwrite Outdoors started as just myself (Derrek Sigler) and occasionally my wife (Brandie Sigler) testing and reviewing products. We have had to recruit a few others to help us keep up with the volume of great products available to us. Here is a little about our staff. . .

Derrek and Brandie Sigler
We own Outwrite Media and Outwrite Outdoors. We started the company and do the majority of the product testing.  Derrek writes most of the content on the site. He also freelances for several outdoor publications and websites. Brandie is the geek behind the scenes of the Outwrite Outdoors, but also tests products. She also manages several outdoor websites on a contract basis.

We both hunt and fish, as well as camp, hike, and generally enjoy the outdoors. We hunt pretty much anything we get the opportunity to hunt, but most commonly our time and efforts are spent chasing deer and waterfowl, not to mention the two kids. Derrek has taken an axis deer, a pronghorn antelope, several Texas hogs, a Texas Dahl sheep, pheasants, numerous whitetail, ducks and geese. Brandie has taken whitetail deer and a few more geese in recent years than Derrek. We both love salmon fishing but also don’t miss any opportunities to fish for trout, steelhead, pan fish, and anything else. Derrek has had the opportunity to fish in Alaska several times, and we hope to travel there in the next year or two as a family to hunt and fish.

We have both worked at Cabela’s corporate headquarters in Sidney, NE. Derrek was a catalog and internet copywriter. Brandie was a software quality assurance tester/analyst for Cabelas.com. After departing from Nebraska and Cabela’s, we both worked for F+W Media/Krause Publications. Derrek was the editorial team lead for the firearms book division. Brandie worked with several of the company’s online properties including deeranddeerhunting.com, turkeyandturkeyhunting.com, the Log Homes Network, and trade sites.

Brian and Trevena Sheets
Also known as Brandie’s parents, Brian and Trevena have years of experience in the woods of the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Though neither have taken any “wall hangers” by traditional standards, the two have a combined total of more than 50 whitetail to their credit. Brian has taken more than 40 deer with a compound bow alone. Their newest passion is crossbow hunting. They both took both a buck and a doe this season with new crossbows. The couple also camps, snowshoes, fishes, fly fishes, ice fishes, and kayaks. Much of their time in the summer is spent camping and panfishing from their kayaks on remote lakes in their area.

John and Joanna Willoughby
John is a computer geek 40 hours a week and an outdoor sports enthusiast the rest of the time. He prefers football to rugby but never watches soccer. He hunts turkeys and deer in Michigan and has dreams of hunting wild hogs in Florida very soon. He once made a Robin Hood shot with his bow and still has the arrow.

Joanna spends her days chasing their 4 kids. She likes to geocache. Her obsession is hunting for morel mushrooms and Petoskey Stones. She thinks the perfect summer day involves a fishing pole and a coffee can full of worms she dug herself. She is a novice deer hunter but hopes that changes soon.