Alpen Optics now offering lifetime warranty!

I love good optics. What makes a good optic? Not only does it have to offer clarity, but there has to be a good company standing behind it. Alpen makes a good optic!

With complete confidence in the quality of its products, Alpen Optics is backing all of its merchandise with a
No Questions Asked, No Fault, No Problem Product Warranty. No store receipt is required. Customers can simply contact Alpen to receive a return number. They can then send the product to Alpen for repair or replacement free of charge.

The warranty is valid for any of the 50 United States and replaces all other Alpen warranties.
“The word ‘Alpen’ means ‘solidarity’ and ‘of the Alps,’” said Vickie Gardner, co-owner of Alpen Optics, “We want to provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing we at Alpen stand solidly behind our products. We know we bring the best products with the best value to those who love the outdoors.”

Alpen Optics specializes in binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and accessories offering some of the best value in the industry today. Alpen’s objective is to provide superior quality optical products at affordable prices. Alpen also strives to provide features and benefits normally found only on products selling for several times what you can purchase Alpen products. Whether you are into hunting, birding, field sports, racing, backpacking, and you just want to set on the back porch and watch the wildlife, Alpen has a quality yet affordable solution for you.

For more information, check out the Alpen website, or call 909-987-8370.