Arrows by Victory Ice the Market

ICE Arrow Coating by Victory ArcheryVictory Archery, the leader in carbon shaft technology, has announced a revolutionary new arrow shaft coating specially developed for carbon arrows. The new ICE™, coating by Victory Archery is an incredibly slick arrow shaft coating that has ever been offered to both hunting and tournament arrows.

Victory Archery General Manager Tod Boretto made the announcement, “Our advanced carbon technology and manufacturing prowess has enabled us to offer this remarkable new ICE™ coating on our Victory V1 and V3 arrows and arrow shafts as well as our new VooDoo™ crossbow bolts.” The revolutionary super slick Victory ICE™ coating helps to provide increased arrow penetration on hunting arrows, reduce aerodynamic drag for a slightly faster arrow in flight and reduces noise from a hunting arrow as it slides over an arrow rest or crossbow rail. Unlike “wipe on coatings” the ICE™ coating never needs to be re-applied and is odorless! Nothing can adhere to the coating. Shooters will find that the ICE™ treated arrows will require approximately 60% less energy to remove arrows from a foam 3-D target.

For more information on Victory Archery’s new ICE™ slick arrow coating or Victory’s line of fine arrows and arrow shafts, visit their website at,