Attending the Traverse City Hunting and Fishing Expo

Yesterday we visited the Traverse City Hunting and Fishing Expo as a family. We were impressed with this show compared to last year. There were some interesting new products showcased and vendors that we haven’t seen there before.

One of the products we were most impressed with was the X Box Buddy Crossbow Sling. Chances are we will be getting one of these in the next couple of months and will post a full review. Until then, check them out at

We were also impressed by a children’s book, Hawgeye, by local author Chris W. Weston. Our son TJ is very excited to read this book and look for the lures hidden in each image in the book.

Of course TJ was also impressed by the ATVs and amazing taxidermy displays.

I’m sure we will have more posts about the products and information gathered at the show. Did anyone else attend any shows over the weekend?


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  1. Brandie – Thanks for the kind words and I hope TJ enjoys it as much as my children did. I’m looking for ways to promote the book and give back the proceeds to worthy organizations who promote it too. Any help or suggestions you may have are welcomed. Keep in touch – Chris