Bill’s Custom Turkey Call – The best turkey call I’ve EVER used!

A while back I got an email from a gentleman asking me about testing out one of his turkey calls. I thought about the plethora of turkey calls I’ve bought over the years, but hey, I’m not one to turn something down. Who knows, it might be pretty good.

It ain’t just pretty good. It is extremely good! No, GREAT!

Bill sent me his Two-Faced Loudmouth, Slate over Aluminum call in walnut. My first thought was, it is gorgeous, much better looking than the plastic slates I had used before. Besides, I was enthused about wood. Being a guitar player, I know wood resonated better than anything else. Included with the call were two strikers, a wood and a carbon for rainy days. PLus there was the stuff to condition the call face.



My previous calls have taken lots of prep work to make sound good. Bill’s call sounded awesome from the first touch with the striker. Clear and sharp clucks, chirps and purrs…every call I could try sounded perfect. The 3-1/2″ slate side blew me away. The 1-1/2″ aluminum side knocked me off my feet.

Here’s the part that really got me. Bill said his call he sent wasn’t his best stuff. He makes competition calls that go even further!

Ready for the best part about Bills calls? They have a lifetime warranty, “As long as I’m above ground.” They also cost, get this… $35!!!! Go ahead, find a better call than this for $35! I dare you. If you think you can find one, you’re crazy! I’m happy that I don’t have to carry as many calls with me into the field this next year!


I know this… That huge tom I saw running around my farm is in serious trouble this spring. I just put in for my tag and if I draw, and I will, me and Bill’s call are going to dance the dance.

Go to Bill’s website and buy a call, or two. Tell him we sent you!