Bogs Rue Goes from Blind to Grocery Store

I don’t know about you, but I love products that can be used in multiple ways. That is one of the reasons I love my Bogs Women’s Rue Slip On. I wore them nearly everywhere I went last fall–the grocery store, meetings at our son’s school and in my deer blind.

The shoes, Bogs calls them booties, are very comfortable. I admit that it took a few days to break them in; the rubber exterior construction was a little rigid at first. After that they became my go-to footwear for nearly every adventure. I’m pretty particular about my footwear. I want to be comfortable. I want to forget all about my shoes as I run errands, hunt, chase kids, etc. My Rues allowed me to do just that.

Bogs Rue make great everywhere footwearI got the voilet-colored ones so they are stylish enough to wear with my jeans to school meetings and running errands. I was even complimented on how cute they were a few times. It was great having waterproof shoes on when it rained and things got messy.

I’m aware that violet isn’t the go-to color for deer hunting gear but some women carry pink bows. I wear my violet Bogs. They are cool in the warm weather and warm in the cool weather. They are also waterproof to combat the dew that I walk through in the early mornings getting to my blind.

Another great aspect is the cleanup. Since they are constructed of durable rubber, when they get gross looking, I just rinse them in the garden hose. This was especially helpful after I field dressed my first-ever crossbow kill last October.

I also wore them in my layout blind while field goose hunting. We regularly get in muddy fields late in the season. My Rues didn’t let me down. It was great to be able to just wipe them off and jump in my blind. My hubby had a little more trouble with a pair of his boots. The leather and fabric held the mud too well.

I am impressed with how well they have held up. After wearing them nearly every day for about 4 months last fall and hunting at least 25 times, I put them away for the summer. With archery deer season less than a month away and early goose season already open, I pulled them out just the other day. They look almost as great as they did the first time I pulled them out of the box. The interior still looks and feels good to.

I can’t wait for the weather to cool down a little more so I can put away my sandals and get back in my Bogs Women’s Rue Slip On! I have already been looking at the other color choices too.