Bohning Fletching Jigs

I am a tinkerer. I tinker with my gear until I get it just so. So when I was working up different arrow combinations to find the ultimate set up for archery hunting, I tinkered. It was pretty easy to find some of the gear I needed, I went to Bohning Archery. Let’s face it, if you’re NOT using Bohning stuff, you’re missing the boat. There is no better company for what they do. Period. Enough said.

Well I will say more. You knew I would.

I shoot Blazer vanes and tell everyone to shoot them. When tinkering, I wanted to try a 3-degree helix for increased spin in flight, and Bohning had me covered with their fletching jigs. They had two different options and so I got both of them.

Bohning Blazer Jig
The standard Bohning Blazer jig is available with a straight mount, or a 3-degree right helix. I chose the helix and have had great experiences with the increased spin and accuracy I’ve gotten. It is a snap to use, just snap in the shaft, adjust the position so it is tight to the base, insert the Blazer vane, glue it up and fletch the arrow. When the vane is set, pull the guide and give the knob a twist. The shaft will turn the right amount of space for the next vane placement. Slick and easy.

Bohning Tower Jig
This was interesting. Once set up and assembled, it made total sense. You take a shaft, set three vanes in the slots, glue them, pull them up to the shaft and set the locking ring. Bing. Bang. Boom! You’ve just completely fletched the arrow. I’ve never seen a jig work so fast. I used it on everything from carbon shafts to aluminum crossbow bolts. It is slick and easy.

The Outwrite Truth
If you’re a bowhunter, or archery shooter, you need to get one or both of these fletching jigs. Contact you’re local Bohning dealer and get them. Plain and simple, one of the best investments you can make in your shooting gear. Accuracy has never been this easy.