Bowhunting is all the Rage…

I have really gotten into bowhunting and would almost prefer to go out
with my bow after whitetails than my rifle. Yeah, that’s true. The only
thing keeping me from just using a bow is that I’ve far too often seen a
good deer at 100 yards and know that it isn’t coming any closer. I like to be as sporting as the next guy, but I also like meat in the freezer too, you know.

This past fall I got my hands on some of the Rage 2-blade broadheads. I haven’t posted a review yet because I’ve yet to put one through a critter. I had a branch jump out and deflect my arrow. Yep, it jumped right out there. I saw it happen. Dang sneaky them trees!

What kinds of broadheads do you use?

Speaking of Rage, they just switched ownership. They were owned by Field Logic Inc, the folks who bring us the Block Target and the GlenDel Buck target. Now they are owned by Rage, Inc. Here are all the details of that.


Bowhunting is all the Rage… — 1 Comment

  1. Hey DerrekSigler,

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