Bushmaster Carbon 15 Flat top

Bushmaster Carbon 15

Bushmaster Carbon 15

I told a couple of folks that I was getting one of these rifles to test and the basic response was, “Oh, another AR.” That opinion changed the moment I took it out of the case.

These are slick looking rifles that weigh in less than most folks expect when it comes to an AR platform rifle. They have a nice look to them and make the geek in us just want to stand there and hold the thing. What’s even better is that they shoot incredible well.

The Bushmaster C15 M4 type carbines are a unique hybridization of traditional AR-15 type features with space age Carbon 15 composite molded Receivers for light weight and rugged durability. Lightweight Carbon 15 composite receivers are 40% stronger and 40% lighter than comparable aircraft aluminum receivers and are unaffected by moisture meaning they will not corrode.

Finished in matte black throughout (no surface finish to wear off).The upper receiver includes anodized aluminum Picatinny rail for unlimited sight, scope or optics mounting. There is a 16″ M4 Profile Barrel chambered for 5.56mm NATO/.223 Rem. caliber, that is chrome-lined in both bore and chamber for long wear and ease of maintenance. I also found a standard threaded muzzle (1/2” x 28 T.p.we.) fitted with a Flash Suppressor. Barrel, finish is mil. spec.

The front sight is an AR-type base with post that is adjustable for elevation. The rear sight is a Dual Aperture Flip-Up that is adjustable for windage.The rifle comes with a 6-position TeleStock that offers light weight, carrying ease and quick handling. Carbine-length hand guards have internal aluminum shields to protect against heat build-up in rapid-fire sequences, something I noticed.

Pulling the trigger
Let’s face it, when it comes to guns, they can look cool, have all the gadgets in the world and be made of the most amazing materials, but if they don’t shoot worth a hoot, who cares? I’ll admit that I was a touch concerned about this gun when I felt how light it was. I knew with the standard .223 round, I wasn’t going to feel much for recoil, but how would the gun react. Awesome, that’s how.For our first impressions, I gathered up a pile of Hornady’s excellent TAP ammo. After I went over the firearm to check and double-check that everything was okay, I loaded it up and took aim at an old plastic barrel that had been converted to a target. Just using the stock peep sights, it only took 6 shots to have it punching holes around the bullseye in a nice little group at 35 yards. I shot anywhere from 35 out to 200 yards with the gun and had pretty decent results as far as accuracy goes. Although at 100 yards, I was really wishing I had a scope mounted up. That’s to come later, though.

When I sight in one of our hunting rifles, I go for the standard three-shot group. And when I sighted in the Bushmaster, I did the same. But come on, they don’t provide the gun with a three-shot clip. They give you a thirty rounder. So how was our thirty-shot group? I tried a rapid-fire exercise with thirty shots as fast as I could roughly aim and pull the trigger. Every shot was within a 15-inch circle, which I thought was pretty darn good.

The Outwrite Truth
Basically I really like this rifle. It is supper light and is a full pound less than a standard aluminum-receiver AR platform rifle. It shoots well and has all the basic features one would expect on an AR-15/M4 platform rifle. I ran countless boxes of ammo though it more for the fun factor than anything else. It is just a cool gun to shoot.For tactical use, I see this being an effective firearm. In those situations where the operator of the weapon needs to hold the rifle with one hand for an extended period of time, the Carbon-15 would really shine. For the casual shooter, there are a lot of choices out there for AR-type rifles. If you want something a little different, the Carbon-15 is a very good choice.