Cabela’s Camp Light Kit

Cabela's Camp Light Kit

Cabela's Camp Light Kit

The Cabela’s Camp Light Kit offers three solid, functional lights in a hard, plastic case. Individually, the lights are much more expensive than in the kit and you get a handy case. It didn’t take much to sell me on getting this kit for me and my family.

I bought the Cabela’s 12-LED Lantern with Remote before a family camping trip as part of a lighting kit Cabela’s offers. My old gas lantern had broken and I decided to try the LED-style. The copy said it would run for 21 days on 4 D-cell batteries. That sounded pretty good to me. 

When I first got it and fired it up, it didn’t seem so bright. Uh oh, did I make a mistake? No, not at all. It was perfect when I got into a camping situation. The remote was a nice touch too. When rain and thunderstorms kept us holding up in the tent with books in hand, it was really quite nice to read for a while and then simply click the remote to shut off the light.

They also offer the lamp in a 24-LED version for a few bucks more. Either way, I can find nothing wrong with the lantern and am very satisfied with it.

Cabela's Camp Light Kit in the Dark

Cabela's Camp Light Kit in the Dark

The Cabela’s Ultrabright 8-LED Tent Light uses eight white LED bulbs with upper and lower cone-shaped reflectors and a built-in LED globe keeps the bulbs protected. You can stand the light up on the three extendable legs, or you can suspend it from the ceiling with the included utility hanging hook. The legs are quite short and seem somewhat pointless as the light will stand on it’s own without extending them. But they are there and work, so I guess it’s fine.

The 8 LED’s are just a hair dimmer than the 12 LED lantern, so really there isn’t much difference. The lamp will run forever it seems on 4 AA batteries. My little one really likes this light and because of the sturdy construction and the long battery life, I don’t mind him playing with it. Again, I am very satisfied.

Also included in the light kit is the Ultrapower Cree™ LED that has a light output of up to 80 lumens. That is pretty bright for a AA-battery powered light. The lightweight CNC-machined-aluminum body seems pretty durable and has a textured grip area. It is compact at 5-5/8” but not too short and it is light at just over 4 and a half ounces. The tail-mounted on/off switch is the weakest link for me as it seems rather hard for me and my big fingers to turn the light on and off. I would have rather seen a twist/pressure switch like on some of the tactical-style lights, but I can’t complain for the price. Battery life is pretty good at right around 8 hours. My son tested this out by using the flashlight as a nightlight for his cat.

The Outwrite Truth
Overall this kit was a great buy. I got it on sale even at a price that was really nice. So nice, that other family members who saw it on the camping trip returned home and ordered kits for themselves.


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