Cabela’s Carbon Fiber Tripod

When using a spotting scope, you need something to mount it to for it to be sturdy and unwavering. There are several options, but a rock solid tripod is far and away the best. Herein lies the dilemma. When you’re packing into an environment that could be described as rugged, weight can be an issue. You need something tough, accurate and reliable, but not so at the expense of taking too much room or adding unneeded poundage to your pack. That is where this tripod from Cabela’s comes in.

We all know Cabela’s is the place to go for hunting and fishing gear. Their 56″ Carbon Fiber tripod weighs in at just 4.3 pounds. For a full-size tripod, you can see why I went with it.

These trick tripods are made with carbon fiber and magnesium legs with quick-lever leg locks, self-leveling feet with ground spikes and foam grips. They also have a die-cast magnesium ball socket head with quick-release mounting platform and dual leveling bubbles. All of this means you get a rock solid platform for mounting a spotting scope to. These units also work well for photography work, should you need it.

The Outwrite Truth
The only complaint I could come up with centers back to the light weight. In windy conditions, be it on a mountainside, or in the field, the unit can get knocked over. This is solved with an included ballast pocket that can be filled on site and hooked to the bottom of the tripod, keeping it where it needs to be. Other than that, these are top shelf tripods that will work for any application.