Cabela’s Outfitter Binocular

Steiner Binoculars are a name we all know and trust for quality. Founded in post-war Germany, Steiner optics focused on quality and that was not lost on the German Military. Nor was it lost on the American Military, as we have pressed Steiner optics into service for many years. This wasn’t lost on Cabela’s either as they went to Steiner to produce a binocular that is as tough as anything out there.

Pick up a pair of these 10×42 binoculars and the very first thing you’ll notice is how much lighter they are than other full-size models. At just 24.6 oz., these weigh up to a half-pound less than comparably sized binoculars. Then take a look through them and you’ll find great image clarity and light-gathering ability.

The design is ergonomic and protected by NBR-Longlife rubber armor. A large central focus knob sharpens images quickly from as close as 3 ft. to infinity, and the exceptional optical components aid performance in those critical pre-dawn and twilight moments of your hunt. Eye relief is 17mm and ergonomic, twist-in-and-out eyecups conform to the curvature of your face.

Outfitters are waterproof to a depth of 3 ft., fog-proof and resistant to the bumps and scrapes you inevitably encounter when you’re hunting hard. They come standard with the patented ClicLoc® strap attachment system, a carrying strap, attachment clips for a binocular harness. Also included are objective lens covers, a neoprene rain protection cover and a black hard case.

All this and a price that comes in under $600. You might think $600 is a ton of money for binos, and you’re right. But look at other brands that cost well into the thousands of dollars. Optics are the one place to not go the cheap road. You can buy a cheap gun that will still shoot. But you’ll spend more time looking through binoculars than anything else when you’re hunting. Do your eyes a favor and buy good quality glass. Looking at it that way, $600 isn’t so bad after all.

Cabela’s is definitely a force in the outdoor world. Their optics are in my opinion one of the best buys going. These binos are no exception. The clarity, lightweight and quality by which they were made have ensured they will last me for many, many years. I honestly can’t find a thing wrong with them.

I first used these binos on a deer hunt and was finding deer hidden in the tall grass of the western Wisconsin bluffs that I didn’t know were there. Later I used them while scouting and then hunting geese and again was really digging the clarity. When you’re hundreds of yards away watching geese in a cut alfalfa field at dusk, trying to figure out where to set up the next day, you’ll really be happy you had good binoculars. And these are really great Binoculars.