Caldwell Orange Peel Animal patterning targets – Things you should have.

at 40 yards, my load was plenty lethal for this mallard…

There are simple products out there that can make you a better hunter and for duck hunters, the Caldwell Orange Peel Animal targets that have ducks. Want to know how your shotgun and load are patterning on ducks? There is no better way to find out, besides, you know, shooting ducks.

They have passing mallards and straight on redheads for targets. We have gotten so we use these for testing every load/choke and shotgun we test. As you can see from the pictures, the impacts show up as clear as day.

The 12-inch targets are adhesive backed and come in packs of 5 and 25.

Two different poses give you common angles for practice.

No more guessing from a paper plate how your shotgun patterns and if that pattern will bring a duck out of the sky.