Streamlight Buckmaster’s Trident Headlamp

Some items we take for granted when it comes to hunting gear. I used to take my headlamp for granted. I had a cheap one that seemed to work just fine until, or course, it didn’t.

When I went to replace it, I found that for a few bucks more, I could get something that worked much better. Continue reading

Ameristep Dominator Ground Blind

Ameristep makes some of the most popular ground blinds out there. Many of the top names in the hunting industry use Ameristep products and there are several models of blinds bearing the names of these celebrity endorsee’s.

One of the blinds that Ameristep makes that doesn’t seem to get much press is the one I was most interested in. The Dominator hub blind is far and away my favorite model of hub-style ground blind from Ameristep. Continue reading

Cabela’s Outfitter Binocular

Steiner Binoculars are a name we all know and trust for quality. Founded in post-war Germany, Steiner optics focused on quality and that was not lost on the German Military. Nor was it lost on the American Military, as we have pressed Steiner optics into service for many years. This wasn’t lost on Cabela’s either as they went to Steiner to produce a binocular that is as tough as anything out there.
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