Wicked Ridge Invader Crossbow – Outwrite Tested, Outwrite Approved!

Wicked Ridge is a brand Tenpoint created to sell a lower price point crossbow that still features the quality you’d expect from Tenpoint. The WIcked Ridge Invader bow features 315 fps speed which we proved this past season is more than enough to make clean ethical kills on whitetails. Continue reading

Howa Ranchland Compact Part II – Yes, they made it even better!

As you may already know, I’m a fan of the Howa Ranchland Compact rifle. I tested the .308 model last year and was offered the chance to take a look at another one with their new Actuator trigger system. While I was at it, I tested out the new detachable magazine assembly they built. I decided to go for broke and got the camo package with their Nighteater scope from Nikko Sterling.
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