H&R .17 HMR Sportster

I like single shot rifles. I especially like the H&R/NEF single shots that Marlin/Remington produces. When I went looking for a .17 HMR, I only knew one thing. I wanted a heavy barrel. The bullet from a .17 is so small and moving so fast that I think a heavy barrel is the way to go for getting the most from the gun. So I was happy when I found the H&R Sportster with a heavy barrel at a price I liked. Continue reading

CVA Wolf Magnum

A few years ago, I worked for one of the major outdoor retailers and we were putting on a “demo day” for some of the folks that didn’t have a lot of experience with the outdoors. We had a selection of the products we sold and had set up areas for the folks to go to so they got a taste of the life and maybe found some new hobbies. One of the areas we had was a muzzleloader selection of several popular guns. The buyer for black powder had sent along a new gun that had just come in and we kind of forgot to use it until afterwards when it was just a bunch of us playing around. Some one commented that we forgot to try out the new CVA gun and so we got out the Wolf.
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Hunting with the Remington R-25 – A modern hunting rifle

The introduction of the Remington® R-25™ is a big step for the outdoor community and the shooting sports industry. The market Remington is going after is the big-game hunting crowd. Nice. Having one of the biggest companies in the industry marketing an AR-platform gun to the big game hunter is just downright cool.
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Weatherby Vanguard Stainless – If you had just one rifle

One of the things I have noticed as I research different guns and all things hunting is a common question that keeps popping up in online discussion forums and over-the-counter chat fests at gun shops. It all boils down to one thing. “If I were to only buy one gun to do everything, which one should I buy?”
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