Have “Artificial Intelligence” for Walleyes this season

When people tell Tony Roach that jigs and soft minnow shaped baits don’t work on traditional livebait lakes such as Mille Lacs and Leech in Minnesota, or even on Canadian lakes or those in the Dakotas, the professional walleye guide patiently and politely listens to their rationale. Inside, Roach smiles because he’s just docked the boat, having seriously rocked the walleyes on select artificial baits. Continue reading

Fishing with cut bait for Great Lakes salmon

A while back, freighters entering the Great Lakes brought in a little friend in the bilge in the form of alewives, and they spread like wildfire. Soon beaches, especially on Lake Michigan were covered with tons of rotting fish as the alewives washed ashore. No reprieve was in sight. What were the state and provincial agencies to do? What they did was introduce a couple of species of pacific salmon and a great fishery was born. Continue reading