C’Mere Deer releases Corn Coat… Deer can’t resist!

C’Mere Deer, manufacturer of revolutionary deer attractants has just introduced a newly formulated attractant named, Corn Coat.  The newly introduced, Corn Coat is a concentrated formula so powerful that it has proven to draw deer from near and far.

The Corn Coat formula is powered by F-4, a super condensed and concentrated formula taken from the key ingredients of other C’Mere Deer products.  The formula is so concentrated that just 4 ounces will easily coat the ingredients of a 50 pound bag.  No matter what you are feeding deer; corn, grain or protein pellets, Corn Coat will cover the feed.  Through years of development and testing, Corn Coat has proven to work incredibly fast.  Deer will smell out the Corn Coat aroma from your property and will be drawn to it like a magnet.

Corn Coat comes in three, 4 ounce packets.  It only takes 1 bag of Corn Coat to super charge your deer’s 50 pound bag of feed.  Pour a packet of Corn Coat into your bag of feed, and then shake up the bag to get a complete coating of the feed.  The more you use Corn Coat the more deer will be attracted to your property and they’ll keep coming back.

To know more about C’Mere Deer’s new Supercharged F-4 Corn Coat, other C’Mere Deer products, or the best way to use all C’Mere Deer products and Swhacker broadheads, visit them at, www.cmeredeer.com