Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket – The Ultimate Hunting Arrow?

Building the ultimate arrow is a matter of choice and opinion. Well I take that back, there is also budget to consider. Luckily for me, I had some extra gift cards to burn up so…

Get the shaft

I wanted the hardest hitting arrow I could get. I guess it is a hold over from me being a gun hunter. I tend to think upwards in caliber, so it makes sense that I would go for the thump factor. That is why I really like Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket arrow shafts. The FMJs offer the straightness and strength of an aluminum arrow, with the flexibility and weight advantages of a carbon arrow.

Easton  Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrow ShaftsYou get:
Straightness: ± .002
Weight tolerance: ± 2.0 grains
Low-glare, hard-anodized diamond pattern finish
High-strength carbon fiber core with 7075 alloy metal jacket

The only downfall to these arrows is cost. They aren’t the cheapest on the shelf. But look at it this way. I have several other brands of carbon arrows and have a few broken ones from each. I have some aluminum arrows from my older bow that are all bent and ravaged by use. I’ve been shooting the Axis FMJ’s for a year and have not bent or broken a single one. Yeah, I’m a happy camper.

Nock it off
The FMJ’s take the Easton X Nock, which they supply. I added their Tracer nocks to a few of the arrows. These are a lighted nock that activates when they are shot by placing a magnet by the rest. When the nock passes by, the magnet activates the light. They stay lit for a while and then go into a blinking mode.

All I can say here is so far, so good. I am happy with them. They are available in two colors, orange and green. I chose the green color. The downfall that I can see is the magnet. If it falls off the bow, you’re sunk. I am also concerned about battery life. The nocks have a way to set them to storage, but I always question a battery that is inactive. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Fletch lives
This part was a no brainer for me. I know I am supposed to be impartial, but the Bohning company is just a few miles from my hometown in Michigan and I know people from there. It helps that the Blazer vane is the best I’ve ever used.

I also used Extreme Archery’s Shrink Fletch. Man that is a slick way to fletch arrows and wrap them is a matter of seconds. I did a dozen shafts in less than five minutes with just some boiling water. Very cool. They offer these wraps in white or clear and in a variety of vane set ups.

New Archery Products  HellRazor  Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Coming to a head
I have been using two different broadheads with these arrows and am happy either way.

NAP Hellrazor
I have been using NAP’s Hellrazor broadheads in 100 grain and find them to hold their edge and fly true. I have piled a coupe of them through a layered foam target time and time again, and while I’d want to sharpen them for hunting just on principle, they are still very sharp. I like that they are a one-piece design with a 1-1/8″ cutting diameter.

Magnus Stinger 4-blade
Magnus  Stinger Fixed-Blade BroadheadsI’ve been using these for a while now in 100-grain, and they work. If you want a tough fixed blade and are looking for a more-traditional design, this is the way to go. A buddy used these on black bear and had the arrow pass through both front shoulder blades. The Magnus was still sharp as a scalpel. You get a 1-1/16″ cutting diameter and replaceable blades.

The Outwrite truth
If you are looking for the ultimate big-game arrow and are looking for strength and thump-ability over incredible light weight, the set-up I came up with is a great choice. The Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket arrow shaft is phenomenal and I highly recommend it. I’ll keep you posted this fall as to how they do.

Easton  Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrow Shafts Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrow ShaftsA small-diameter, thick walled carbon core, fused to a full metal jacket for maximum penetration, spine consistency and straightness. Photo Fusion anodized finish. Hidden Insert Technology (HIT ), and internal fit X nocks. Straightness of ? .002″. Weight tolerance: ?2 grains per dozen. 12 pack.