Family Tradition Treestands – Honestly, the BEST tree stand you can buy!

I went looking for a ladder stand that would be strong and safe. I didn’t have to go far. In fact, it was just a short drive here in Michigan to Family Tradition Treestands, LLC and I had the ultimate ladderstand for deer season.

The Family Tradition DD14

What makes it the best? Well for one, not much assembly with this bad boy. They weld as much as possible at Family Tradition (FT), because that is the best way to make a stand strong. Bolts fail more than welds. I was shocked to see a stand that was basically three pieces and a shooting rail. The ladder sections are double rung-ed, and FT was the first to do that. The seat section was one piece and was tougher than anything I’ve ever seen. The few bolts it did take for assembly were extremely high quality and the straps for attaching it to the tree were not the cheap varieties you’d find in the bargain bin, these were as high a quality straps as you could get.

We set up the stand and after a few adjustments, it was ROCK solid. No wiggle at all. I’m not going to lie, I’m not crazy about heights and have had a few issues being in a treestand. This stand has made me more confident than I’ve ever been.

Here are some specs on the FT DD14 stand:

  • The DD14 Ladder Stand seat Height is 12’ 3” off the ground
  • When seated in the DD14, the Hunter’s eye level is 14’ 7” off the ground
  • The Family Tradition premium quality nylon webbed seat measures 42” wide by 15” deep, the webbed back measures 23” high
  • Standing Platform measures 42” wide by 17” deep and is made with expanded metal  flooring
  • The Family Tradition Ultra Rigid Double-Rail Ladder Construction eliminates the need for the dreaded brace against the tree.  A single heavy duty ratchet behind the seat secures the stand to your favorite tree
  • The Pivoting Rifle Rest allows for easy Entry and Exit
  • Premium Quality padding on Rifle Rest for added comfort and quiet when the big bucks approach your stand
  • A Fall Restraint System is provided with each stand for added safety
  • Optional Camouflage Skirt is available
  • Additional 41” Ladder Extensions are available
  • Product Weight as shipped – 65 lbs
  • Maximum Hunter Weight  – 400 lbs

This is the best stand I’ve ever seen/used – REALLY!

If you’re in the market for a new tree stand, I can’t urge you enough to contact Jack Turner, owner of Family Tradition Treestands and tell him Outwrite sent you. If you care enough about yourself to have the best possible gear when you go hunting, this is the way to go.

And if you’re like me, if you’re going to do something that puts you in possible peril, like say going up a tree 15 feet in the air to hunt, you want and need the best; these stands are it!

Go to the Family Tradition website for more info.