Federal Prairie Storm FS Steel Shotshells – Field tested, Outwrite Approved

The phone rang and the voice at the other end said, “Hey Derrek, I think we need to go shoot some pheasants.”

The voice was right. I did need to go shoot some pheasants.

Federal Prairie Storm FS Steel

Federal has brought the technology of Black Cloud ammo to the upland crowd.

Off to Hecla, SD I went armed with a new Benelli shotgun and some of the new Federal Prairie Storm FS Steel shotshells. FOr those of you unfamiliar with Federal’s FS steel, you’re missing out. Have you seen Black Cloud ammo? If you’ve tried it, then you know what Flightstopper (FS) will do. It is a perfectly round shot with a cutting band around the diameter of the shot. It stabilizes the shot in flight and is extremely lethal on impact with a bird.

I’ve used Black Cloud for some time and have been very impressed with how it has yet to cripple a bird. They just flat out die. The entire shell is designed to promote death. The Flightstopper wad is developed to control the shot cluster and open at the optical time. It gives you a very consistent pattern shot-after-shot.

So the fine folks at Federal have brought this technology to the upland crowd with the invent of the Prairie Storm FS Steel. It differs from Black Cloud in that Black Cloud is 40% Flightstopper steel and 60% regular steel. The new Prairie Storm loads at 50/50. Why is that? Testing has shown that for the shots upland hunters take, the 50/50 blend gives them a better chance at making the shot.

How did it work for us? We had a superb hunt and the shot was as advertised. No crippled birds either, all clean kills. I also used some for a wood duck hunt in Michigan and also had great success.

The shells come in 12 and 20 gauge. The 12 gauge is a 3″ pushing 1,600 fps muzzle velocity and 1 1-1/8 ounce payload. the 20 gauge is also a 3″ pushing a 7/8-ounce payload at 1,500 fps. Both come in 3 and 4 shot.

The best thing is Federal will donate money to Pheasants Forever with every box purchased.

There you go. You have no reason NOT to go buy some. I know I’ll be buying more!