Gerber Camp Axe

A small axe or hatchet is a vital piece of gear any outdoorsman has to have. You can build a blind, cut firewood, clear a shooting lane, pound a tent stake and many other tasks with a good axe. I used to always carry a cheap hatchet with me when I went afield but after getting tired of lugging around a heavy hatchet and poor cutting performance, I stopped. Then one day I bought a Gerber Camp Axe. The weight was far less than anything I had used before and I was sure it would be good, knowing Gerber’s quality.

Gerber Camp Axe came right before a family camping trip where we were meeting up with my wife’s family on the shore of Lake Michigan for a few nights of family fun. I know my father-in-law is always prepared so I never even though to try out the Gerber. Then I noticed him chopping wood for the campfire and he commented that his hatchet was “terrible.” I went into my tent and produced the Gerber.

“What’s that?”
“I bought a new axe before coming.”
“Well let me try it.”
“Sure. Let me know what you think.”
“Man this thing is light.” With that he swung it at the branch he was cutting up. Where his hatchet barely cut into the wood, the Gerber sliced through the wood with ease. Where it took 10-15 strikes with the other hatchet, the Gerber could completely cut through the branch with three easy swings. I mean, chainsaws have more trouble cutting than this axe did.

The Outwrite Truth
Gerber Camp Axe is 17-1/2” overall in length and has a hollow polymid fiberglass construction. The axe head is high carbon steel and holds and edge well. There is a nylon sheath and a lifetime warranty included should you be able to break it. So basically this is a lightweight, indestructible axe that will chop with ease. What isn’t to like? The price? Right around $45. Not too bad considering the amount of energy you save when using it. I am happy with the purchase and yes, my father-in-law went right back home and bought one for his very own.