HiPoint’s .45 ACP carbine rifle is fun. You should buy one!

Ever see one of those guns that you know you really don’t need, but they are so much fun that you just have to have one? Well a few years ago my good friend, the late Gun Digest Editor Dan Shideler, told me that I just had to get one of the carbine rifles from HiPoint Firearms. Well when they introduced a .45 caliber, I had to make the move. I know that Dan would have approved!

The rifle is just what it looks like, a blunt, heavy rifle that has a few rough edges, but is pretty reliable. Hi Point has added quite a bit to the design making it pretty adaptable to tactical uses too.My test rifle came with a tactical light, a laser sight, a forward grip and enough rails to mount the kitchen sink to.The design is pretty simple for the action and at first glance, you’d think it was cheaply done. Not so. It may be a tad rough and stiff, but ti is a shooter.

One of the cool features is the recoil-compensating stock. When you’re thumping out .45 ACP rounds one ofter another, having a reduction in recoil is kind of nice.  Other nice features were the flash hider, the very adjustable sights and the rails galore. I had fun playing with all the set-up options. I did spend most of my time with the gun with various red-dot sights installed. One option had a Cabela’s sight I picked up years ago. Most of the time I had an EO Tech XP1 sight. My wife picked on me for having a sight on a rifle that cost more than the rifle did. But hey, when you have an EO Tech laying around, you want to use it!

The rifle comes with 10-round magazines that feed through the grip, much like the Hi Point pistols. My test gun came with several and in rapid-fire tests, it preformed flawlessly. Inserting a clip was tight, at first, but like I said, the gun was stiff out of the box. It would fire as fast as we could pull the trigger however and it really liked the Hornady Steel Match ammo I was feeding it.


As for uses for the rifle, I could see this being used as a home-defense rifle, a tactical rifle option for police and law enforcement, a possible hunting rifle and a seriously fun, smile enducing ammo-wasting, backyard baster.

That was the thing about this gun. Dan said to me a while back, “You really need to get one of those HiPoint carbine rifles. They are so much fun to shoot andno matter what you may think about them, they are a pretty darn good rifle.” Dan was one of the few guys that I completely trusted when it came to guns. The world is that much less of a place without him.

So if you’re looking for a fun shooting, carbine rifle in a pistol caliber, get a HiPoint carbine. The price is awesome and you can get a 9mm, .40 or .45. There is  a serious amount of fun to be had with one, and what better reason to own a gun is there?