Howa unveils Actuator trigger.

With many firearms coming from the factory these days with solid actions and accurate barrels, the next area that companies are improving on is the trigger. Howa is no different. I’ve used Howa’s in the past and while the trigger was decent, there was some room.

Howa is now equipping each barreled action with the new Howa Actuator Controlled Trigger system (HACT) that eliminates trigger creep and lightens trigger pull. The HACT system fits all Howa M-1500 rifles that were previously equipped with Howa’s three position safety trigger group.

The HACT assembly is a completely redesigned trigger and sear unit that actually creates a two-stage trigger. This allows the shooter to take up trigger creep before squeezing through to touch off the round. HACT allows for a lighter let-off of between 2.5 and 3.8 lbs, eliminating trigger jerk – or pulling off the shot because the trigger pull is too heavy. The actual factory setting of these triggers is 3 pounds.

The other improvement that HACT offers is safety. Most triggers use an indirect sear lock, meaning, the safety locks the trigger and the trigger locks the sear. With lightened triggers that have been worked on after the sale, this can be dangerous because a hard bump can set off the sear, even if the safety is engaged. With the new HACT trigger, we use a direct sear lock, where a cross pin locks the sear, preventing any accidental discharges.

The HACT trigger from Howa will improve your accuracy with a crisper, cleaner and lighter trigger pull. This will give you better groups and cleaner harvests.

Look for a test coming to Outwrite Outdoors in the future for the full scoop.