Introducing the 2012 Mathews® Heli-m™

Mathews Heli-m compound bowThe new Heli-m™ masters more than 20 years of Mathews’ engineering to deliver the smoothest, quietest, most technologically advanced lightweight bow ever offered.

The Heli-m™ features the new advanced GeoGrid™ riser, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite™, and a lightweight Reverse Assist® Roller Guard which results in a super smooth draw. The Heli-m™ also packs two decades’ worth of single-cam advancements into the all-new Heli-m™ Cam which produces speeds up to 332 feet per second with a generous 7” brace height.
Every archer knows that words cannot express the feelings of a perfectly executed shot. Likewise, we can’t find the words to describe this perfectly designed bow. So go shoot the new Heli-m™ today at your Authorized Mathews Retailer to experience for yourself why this is the finest hunting bow ever offered!

IBO Rating Up to 332 fps
Axle-to-Axle 30″
Brace Height 7″
Draw Weight 40-70 & 65 lbs
Bow Weight 3.5 lbs
Let-off 80%
Draw Lengths 26″ – 30″
Half Sizes 26.5″ – 29.5″
String/Cable 88”/ 32 3/4”
MSRP $959