It’s About Quantity, Not Quality

For most outdoors people heading out fishing, they are hoping for either record breaking fish or at least fish big enough to make a good meal. TJ and I have a different objective.

We don’t care how big our fish are, and we really don’t care much what kind they are. We just want to catch fish. Lots and lots of fish. If it can get the end of the hook in its mouth so we can reel it in, we want to catch it and will be excited about it.

This past week we thought a nice calm evening would be the first time to really wet our worms this year. And the fish didn’t disappoint. The lake we were on has probably never produced anything near a state record but that didn’t dampen spirits in the slightest.

TJ with a fish on Crooked Lake from shore with a small pole, a few worms and a bobber we caught about 20 fish in about an hour. I don’t think anyone has ever had a better time fishing. The largest fish we caught was a modest-sized rock bass. We also caught about 15 bluegill and sunfish that would look like bait fish to those that are less thrilled with just catching fish.

The smile on TJ’s face every time he “turn, turn, turned” to reel in a fish and his enthusiasm for getting outside and being on the water is what matters to me.

Maybe we should create our own records for most fish caught in the shortest amount of time and most species of fish caught in one day because those other records just don’t capture our interest.