Lucks Got Nothin’ To Do With It

We each walked stiff-legged into the store like some sort of Frankenstein monsters. Small children ran away squealing but mostly out of laughter. Hadn’t they seen red men before? Didn’t their parents ever tell them not to make fun of other’s misfortune? I had a mind to track down the moms and dads and give them a piece of my mind, but the most important thing was finding where they kept the aloe cream in this particular store.

You ever have one of those summer days when it’s cold, rainy and overcast so you take no precautions against sunburn? Then it happens. The clouds partway to the sun and the temperature goes from sixty to eighty in minutes. But you don’t seem to notice. At least I didn’t seem to notice, nor did Josh. Maybe because we were doing what we do best. No, not screwing up; we were fishing.

It was one of those rare good days too. It had started with us being driven off of Lake Huron by high winds and higher waves. We moved our plan of attack to a backwater lake on the Au Sauble River. Fishing stunk when we got there but soon the clouds parted and the fish decided to grace us by attacking just about anything we threw at them.

The lake was surrounded by tree-covered hills and if you didn’t see the dam at one end, you’d think it was just some quiet lake hidden in the hills of the Michigan countryside. We had gone to Josh’s mother’s house in Tawas for the weekend. For those of you who don’t know your lower Michigan geography, hold your fingers together and look at your right hand, palm side up. Tawas is located right around the first joint of your index finger. We borrowed a boat from one of Josh’s uncles. It was fairly small but would work for us. Plus since it wasn’t either of ours, it had a running motor, a full gas tank, a charged battery and two new oars. We stashed our own landing nets under the bench seats just to be on the safe side.

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