Mathews Chill – One cool Monster compound!

I, like many of you, wondered what Mathews was doing a few years back when they released a compound bow. I mean, come on, this was Mathews… the company that started the single cam revolution. A compound? Really?

For 2013, they have improved upon an already good bow design and have released the Monster Chill, a very cool new bow for the 2013 season.



The 2013 Mathews Monster Chill in black

The Monster® Chill™ gives a new look and feel to the Mathews McPherson Series® line. The Chill™ is equipped with the New DYAD™ AVS® Cam System which features dual Perimeter Weighted® Cams producing minimal post shot vibration and great speed. Combined with a Reverse Assist Roller Guard™ and GeoGrid® Riser, the Chill™ is lightweight, compact and without question the smoothest shooting two cam bow on the planet. These attributes continue to make the Monster® line of bows, The Fastest Bows You’ll Ever Want To Shoot!

Chill Specs 
IBO                                      Up to 333 fps

Axle to Axle                        30.5”

Brace                                    7”

Physical Weight                 3.90

Let off                                    80%

Draw Weights                      50-70 lbs

Draw Lengths                       23-30”

Half sizes                               23.5-29.5”

MSRP                                     $999

Finish Available                    Lost Camo®, Black and Tactical