Polaris Charts New Territory with Ace UTV

Polaris Sportsman Ace

Polaris Sportsman Ace

Aimed at new and older riders, the single-seat Polaris Sportsman Ace UTV offers a comfortable yet fun ride. With a combination of the comforts of a UTV combined with the sporting excitement of a 4-wheeler, the new release offers what no other vehicle currently does.

Yesterday Polaris introduced the Ace to the media in Marble Falls, Texas. We were all kept in suspense as to what we were riding until we arrived at the riding park. The media’s surprise could be heard on the bus as we pulled up and saw the vehicle for the first time.

After getting a chance to ride the Ace on a variety of terrain, including rock, mud and packed trails, I have to say I think they hit their mark.

It is no secret that I’m not an experienced rider. I’ve never really ridden trails or climbed rocks. After just a few minutes on the Ace I was feeling pretty confident. I was able to keep up with the more experienced riders and have a great time. This is exactly what reps from Polaris said they hoped to accomplish with the Ace.

The Ace is also comfortable to ride. I haven’t ridden an ATV for more than 30 minutes in years, so I was nervous about a full day of riding. The roomy seat with great back support was a big relief. After a full day on the trails, I still felt good.

So how’s this power? The Prostar 32 engine is all new and puts out a peppy and torquey 32 hp. For me it was perfect. I was able to go as fast as I felt comfortable on the open areas and didn’t feel like there was do much power that I would lose control. I also had the torque to climb rocks and a pretty steep dirt bank right after crossing a small creek.

Of course this isn’t a full review of the Ace and is written by a novice rider. But we are getting on a plane in a few minutes to head back home. I just wanted to give you peek at the Polaris Sportsman Ace. Look for more pictures and a full review from Derrek in the next couple of days.