Reflections on 2011 and a look ahead at 2012!

It seems that just about everywhere I look, people are being reflective on the past year. I guess that would seem appropriate for me too, but I can’t help but think it to be a bit on the cheesy side. So without further ado, here’s a look at some of the things that affected us here at Outwrite in the past year.

First and foremost would be the arrival of Denali, our baby girl. I can remember back when I was younger and dumber and thought that having kids would just be a bad thing all around. Pretty dumb of me to think that. Kids rock!

From a hunting perspective, 2011 wasn’t a bad year overall.

Turkeys were tough and I ended up eating the tag. I have some new weapons in the arsenal this coming season and Mr. Gobbler better watch out.

The most notable is a Two-Faced Loudmouth Call from Bill Keith.





Never EVER have I used such a good sounding call. Look for a full test coming out soon and do yourself a favor, get one!












Also picked up some new ammo from Hevishot.

It’s going to be fun!





Waterfowl season was rough too. I’ve never seen birds do what they did this year. Geese were jumping off the roost pond and flying to another pond, passing up a cut corn field that they’ve always hot and had light hunting pressure on! What gives?

But I’ve got faith in my Final Approach blinds and decoys. Their new Wood Ducks decoys proved fatal for some pothole woodies in my Top Secret Wood Duck Hunting Location…








Pheasants got added to the list this year and a good time was had. If my knee hadn’t decided to take a vacation during the hunt, it would have been better, but I had help from great ammo and great shotguns.

Federal released Prairie Storm FS Steel, an upland hunting version of their awesome Flightstopper Steel loads they use for Black Cloud. It proved lethal on all birds I used it on this year, including the pheasants and the aforementioned woodies.

Benelli was kind enough to loan me a new scatter gun for the season. Look for a full report on the Super Vinci very soon, but keep this one on the downlow. I’m dreading sending it back!


That brings us to deer season.

Mrs. Outwrite bagged her first deer with the help of a Wicked Ridge Invader crossbow. It was a perfect fit for her with light weight and top-notch construction. the folks at Ten Point know what they are doing!

Me? I had better luck come rifle season.

Hornady Superformance ammo did the deed for me and the freezer is FULL.









Looking forward to 2012

So looking ahead to 2012, I’m planning to fish more and worry less.

Icefishing sounds good if the lakes freeze over enough and my buddy Josh has picked up a drift boat for his guiding business.

I’m planning on steelhead on the Pere Marquette river.




I’m also going to start the food plots early this next spring.



I’ve had invites to hunt in Illinois for deer and ducks and to Wyoming for pronghorn and mule deer. Wish us luck on the tag lotteries.

Happy New year to you all.

Remember…  Get outside, it’s a great place to be!