Rifles I’d like to have… and I’m betting you would too.

If you can’t tell, I’m a certified gun nut. I love ‘em. I love testing them out and shooting away. It’s fun.

One of the things I don’t always dig about testing different guns is having to send them back at the end of the test. In fact, sometimes that gets pretty darn hard to do and I just buy the thing. That’s why I’m writing this story about some guns I haven’t tested yet. Why? Because I’m afraid I’d have to buy them. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like having a roof over my head and food for the table, other than the stuff I shoot. If I were to buy every gun I wanted to buy after testing it, well I’d be poor… And probably divorced.

So without further ado, here I present my bucket list of test rifles and some reasons why I want them. I’m not including shotguns or handguns. That is another article for another day.

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle.

We’ve seen this one recently. Ruger set everyone on their ear by releasing a compact bolt-actio, .308 that is clip fed by a removable AR-10 magazine. The rifle is designed after Jeff Cooper’s concept of the perfect, do-it-all combat and personal rifle.

Now I love compact .308 rifles. There is more coming on this list to verify that fact. This rifle just oozes cool. It is compact, accurate, and just all around neat. It is based on the tried and true Mark II action and has a gray laminate stock, flash suppressor and forward mounted optics rail. I’ve got an EOTech system just screaming to go on one of these. But if I buy it, I’ll be sleeping in a van down by the river

The Winchester Model 70 Compact.

When the Winchester rifle brand was reorganized and brought back to life a while back, gun owners rejoiced and me right along with them. I love the Model 70 and own a couple. To me, that is the classic bolt gun that all others are to be based on. These new models are slick shooters and I have tossed a few rounds downrange from one. I know I want one and if I test it, I’ll get it. Recently, Winchester released a new compact model. If I get one of these, I’ll not be able to afford the van to sleep in.

Howa .375 Ruger.

You know I love Howas. You know I love thumping big guns. I wanted a Ruger Alaskan in .375 since the day they came out. I will hunt moose soon enough and this is the gun. So here comes Howa with one that is half the cost of the Ruger. You can pick your barrel length of 20″ or 24″ and get it with a Hogue stock for under $700! Now tell me you don’t want one too? Yeah, but if I buy one, I might as well move to Alaska and stay there.

Mossberg MVP.

Another new rifle that I might get to test. Everything I have heard says good rifle. I KNOW Mossberg makes a solid rifle that is better than you think it is. Now who wouldn’t want a .223 bolt gun that takes AR mags and has an outstanding trigger? I know I do, but if I do, I might as well go live  with the coyotes and prairie dogs in Wyoming and change my name to mud.

Ruger SR556.

I like AR’s. I like ARs a lot. But they ain’t cheap. So when I do get in another AR to test, I might keep it. Might as well get a good one. The Ruger is a piston driven action, meaning it doesn’t use the gas port. The system is cleaner to run, but makes the rifle more expensive. So yeah, I could get this one in to test. All it would take is a phone call. I’m afraid that if I made it, my wife would make a call of her own.

DPMS .338 Federal.

I dig the idea of the .338 Federal round. Sounds excellent to me. Then you throw that concept into an AR-10 platform and I get down right giddy. I have a plan for one of these that involves a lot of custom work, which is easy to do with an AR platform rifle. So yes, I will actually do this one some day as long as they offer it when I’m able to go for it. Hopefully that will be before my kids graduate college.

Remington 700 XCR RMEF.

I have a buddy that has an XCR 700.He beats on the gun and takes it to Alaska and it still looks like a new rifle. Tough and accurate. I like that. I like that a lot. If I bought one, it’d have to be able to take the elements because I’d be living in a tent.

That Next Big Thing.
I close by saying that there will always be another rifle I want. I’m sure I left a pile of them off this list. I’ll keep trying t find ways to test them though and give you the Outwrite truth. Now, if any of you wanted to send me a few bucks to help me feed my addiction, I mean pay for my testing… I’d appreciate it.