SHOT show report, Day one

Shot Show Day One was exactly what we expected--crowded and full of great information.Our 2013 SHOT show started with Media Day on Monday. It was COLD! like -4 with the wind chill, kind of cold. Not fun.

We shot the new Winchester .17 Winchester Super Magnum and can say that without a doubt, it is a smoking little round. Plan on seeing that one again on this site as I’m going to be requesting something soon. I will say that I wasn’t super impressed with the test rifle they had on hand. It was a pre-production gun though and I won’t hold that against the ifle manufacturer.

We also shot the new Ruger SR45. Again, this is a pistol that you’ll see here again. I was a big fan of the SR9 and SR40 and was hoping the 45 would be just as good. Ruger did not fail to impress. Smooth action and a great feel. Not a lot of hand shock when fired either.

My wife, the crossbow lover, shot the KodaBow crossbow and is now letting me know what she wants for Christmas, or her birthday, or our anniversary… either way I’m not getting out of it without getting her a crossbow. It is one of the slickest recurve crossbows I’ve seen. The included tool for changing strings is a nice touch.

We also shot the TenPoint Stealth SS crossbow. Very light and compact with very little noise for a compound crossbow. TenPoint always makes a good bow!

From the show floor on Monday, we checked out a lot of cool new stuff. Bushnell showed us around the booth and they have some sweet new binos coming out at a great price point. Like $100 binocularswith the clarity of $300+ optics. They also have some really awesome additions to the trail camera lines. I’ve had a long standing love affair going with Bushnell Trailcams and am excited about the new features. You can shoot video and stills at the same time in HD. SWEET!

Prois women’s wear is coming out with some new size options. The wife is really excited about the line and we’ll have more on that later.

You’ve already seen the release on the EOTech crossbow sight. My wife can’t shut up about that one either. It’s going to be an expensive year for me!

There is much more to report on. Lots of talk about AR-15s and shortages of ammo. It’s good for those companies that make them. Get the money when and where they can, because you know what’s coming!

Lots of sweet guns coming out too. we’ll post specs and photos in a few days. For now, it’s back to the show floor and sore feet!