SOG SOGfari Machete – You really do need one.

When I was much younger, I sat and watched many an action movie, none better than that guy who made the fedora a popular hat. One of the things most all of these movies had in common was a machete and I wanted one. When I was old enough to buy one, I did but found very little use for it other than goofing around or clearing a few branches around the farm. It was cheap and didn’t last long.

As I’ve matured, nice way of saying I got older, and I did more hunting, I kept thinking that a nice machete would be pretty handy for turkey and deer hunting. Enter SOG Specialty Knives and Tools. They offered me an SOGfari Machete to test and I put it to work. I had also gotten into trail cameras and doing a lot of scouting. The SOGfari was perfect for this task.



The blade is made from 3CR13 stainless steel that has a hardness rating of HRC 52-53. It holds an edge very well and makes short work of brush and branches. I’ve beat the snot out of it, and it has yet to need a sharpening. The back of the blade is a working saw that makes short work of branches too thick to slice away with the blade. The solid handle is made of a hard plastic and has a good feel. It hasn’t slipped on me yet. There is also a spiked tang in the heel of the grip that can be used for scrapping. The SOGfari comes with a nylon sheath too. The best thing it comes with is a reasonable price. Suggested MSRP is only $27.00! I’ve seen these things selling for less than $20!

If you are serious about scouting for your hunting and want an easy tool for clearing trail camera mounting areas, or shooting lanes, you need one of these SOGfari machetes. It balances well, does its job and won’t break you to own it. In a day and age when our sporting goods keep going up in price, it is great to see a company like SOG selling a product that does everything it is supposed to do and do it well, for a price we can afford.

Do yourself a favor and go buy one now!


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