Streamlight Buckmaster’s Trident Headlamp

Some items we take for granted when it comes to hunting gear. I used to take my headlamp for granted. I had a cheap one that seemed to work just fine until, or course, it didn’t.

When I went to replace it, I found that for a few bucks more, I could get something that worked much better.

The Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Headlamp is a really good lamp for the money. It features three brightness settings. On the single setting, a 300 mA xenon bi-pin bulb delivers 12 lumens for up to seven hours. The medium setting switched to three green LED’s that emit eight lumens. The lowest setting has one 2.5-lumen green LED that runs up to 150 hours.

The great thing about the green LED’s is that green light doesn’t spoil your night vision and doesn’t spook game. That way, when you’re walking into your stand or setting your decoys, you don’t have to spend a while sitting there waiting for your eyes to adjust to your surroundings. I rarely use the white Xenon high setting.

I have several other Streamlight products so I was used to, and expected the same quality. I wasn’t disappointed.

The lamp has an adjustable elastic strap with an over-the-head strap to keep the light secured. It is finished in Realtree® camo as well. It also came with an optional rubber strap for use with a hardhat.

The unit is water resistant and hasn’t failed me yet, even in an all out downpour rain when I used it on a fishing trip. The lamp also has a 90° tilting head to spread light to where you need it most. It weighs only 4.64 oz.

The three AAA batteries that power the lamp slide into a cartridge which then slides into the lamp. It works well, but can be a touch tricky if you have to change batteries in the field. Luckily the batteries last a long time so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Outwrite Truth
I am very pleased with the Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Headlamp. I like the simplicity and the quality of the construction. I also like that my night vision isn’t affected by the green LED’s. It is bright enough for me to get my decoys set or get to my hunting stand, leaving my hands free to work or carry gear. The price is also very reasonable compared to other lamps.