Swhacker introduces new 2-inch, 100-grain broadhead

Swhacker has introduced a new member to its family of superior performing broadheads.  Now, a new 100-grain Swhacker is available with a 2-inch cutting diameter resulting in huge wound channels, meaning even better blood trails.  Swhacker broadheads are considered by professional bowhunters and pro staff shooters as one of the most accurate, best performing, and most dependable mechanical broadhead available on the market today.

Swhacker’s blade design provides two separate cutting edges.  The first set of edges, the wing blades, will cut through hair, dirt, hide, and bone with a 1-inch cut.  Once inside the body cavity, pressure on the wing blades will then open the Swhacker’s main blades.  The main blades of the new 100-grain Swhacker are .032 thick, scalpel sharp, and open to a whopping 2-inch cutting diameter.  This equates to larger wound channels inside the body cavity for better blood trails and quicker more humane kills.

Angled shots are not a problem!

The Swhacker’s hardened high-carbon steel tip and ferrules made of aircraft grade aluminum enter the animal before the blades ever impact, eliminating cantilevering or any deflection of the Swhacker broadhead.

Swhacker also offers a 125 grain broadhead expanding to a 2-1/4-inch cutting diameter.  For field point accuracy shot after shot and devastating results, look no further than Swhacker.  To learn more about Swhacker broadheads, click here.