H&R .17 HMR Sportster

I like single shot rifles. I especially like the H&R/NEF single shots that Marlin/Remington produces. When I went looking for a .17 HMR, I only knew one thing. I wanted a heavy barrel. The bullet from a .17 is so small and moving so fast that I think a heavy barrel is the way to go for getting the most from the gun. So I was happy when I found the H&R Sportster with a heavy barrel at a price I liked. Continue reading

Cabela’s XML Ti Rod

I came home from the store one day and tried to sneak the new fishing rod into the house. My wife caught me as I headed for the basement and immediately saw that I was trying to hide something. “New fishing rod, huh?” she asked, knowing the answer. Yep. When I told her I got a good deal on a new Cabela’s XMLTi rod, she said, “Whatever.” My wife loves to fish, but could generally not care much about the actual gear. It was only a few hours later when she came storming down the stairs demanding to know how good of a deal I had gotten. Guess she looked up the rod on the website. DOH! I slept on the couch for a few days, but this rod was worth it.
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H&R Topper Deluxe Classic

There are those guns you dream of owning. You know the ones I mean. Where the price tags eclipse the one on the truck in your driveway and you know you’ll likely never own for fear of infinite nights on the couch. I have the same dream list, but I also have a wish list for guns that are more about function than price. These are guns that I’ve seen and thought I’d really love to own, but for one reason or another, have never bought. Continue reading

CVA Wolf Magnum

A few years ago, I worked for one of the major outdoor retailers and we were putting on a “demo day” for some of the folks that didn’t have a lot of experience with the outdoors. We had a selection of the products we sold and had set up areas for the folks to go to so they got a taste of the life and maybe found some new hobbies. One of the areas we had was a muzzleloader selection of several popular guns. The buyer for black powder had sent along a new gun that had just come in and we kind of forgot to use it until afterwards when it was just a bunch of us playing around. Some one commented that we forgot to try out the new CVA gun and so we got out the Wolf.
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Streamlight Buckmaster’s Trident Headlamp

Some items we take for granted when it comes to hunting gear. I used to take my headlamp for granted. I had a cheap one that seemed to work just fine until, or course, it didn’t.

When I went to replace it, I found that for a few bucks more, I could get something that worked much better. Continue reading