Why you need a Mathews’ Z7 series bow!

I know a lot of bowhunters. A few of us were sitting around a while back and talking about new bows and such and the topic of cost came up. Let’s face it, new bows aren’t cheap and the top line models cost as much as many of us paid for our first cars. Some of the guys said they didn’t see any reason to spend “that” much money for a bow when one that was way cheaper could kill a deer just as well. That got me to thinking. Why does one need to spend that much money on a new bow?

Then I got my hands on the Mathews’ Z7.

My first experience with the Z7 came at a proshop. I picked one up off the rack and wasn’t impressed right away. It felt odd in my hand and a little unbalanced. I put it back and left, mostly because my wife was saying it was time to go.

After a little nagging to the great folks at Mathews, I had one on the way. When I took the bow out of the box, I was again struck by how it felt. I had been shooting another brand and just didn’t think this bow was going to live up to the hype. It just felt unbalanced. I rigged it up and it still didn’t feel that great. My old bow was much nicer for carrying. Then I shot the Z7 and it hit me.

Mathews’ designed this bow to be shot.

Pull the string back with an arrow nocked up and it becomes magical. There is no slop. When you go to shoot, the bow balances out and becomes an extension of your body. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to say anything like, “The mystical flight of the arrow.” But I kind of want too!

So why does it look unbalanced? The Z7 limbs have very little bend to them and are parallel (or slightly past) to each other before the draw. In order to have any kind of length to the limbs, the riser must take on the radical deflex design.  Even with the riser geometry as it is, the Z7 still sports a 7″ brace height.  The rest of the specs come out to 30″f0 for the ATA and just under four pounds for the weight.  Sporting a 337 IBO rating the Z7 is no speed slouch.

Aggressively compact, the Z7 Xtreme offers a rare combination of size and agility for all hunting situations. With a generous brace height of 7-3/8″ the Z7 Xtreme provides superior forgiveness and helps produce tighter groups at all distances. With speeds up to 330 fps the Z7 Xtreme will enhance your effective shooting distance and create more kinetic energy.

They took all that was awesome with the Z7 and made it more compact. How cool is that? But wait, there’s more!

The Z7 Magnum has a shorter brace height at 6-3/8″ and that ups the speed to 340 fps.

And if you’re a taller guy, and need a longer drawleangth bow, look at the new Z9. With an axle to axle length of 30″ and a brace height of 8 3/4 inches, the Z9 is the ultimate bow for long draw shooters.

The Outwrite Truth

So now you’re still asking yourself, why do I need one? Here I am telling you that you need to go drop over $800 or more for a bow and telling you that you need to do it. I am because this bow will make you shoot better. It can’t help it. It just does.

How much better? Look at it this way. It’s like asking a girl out on a date. You know you can do it, but if you knew that the girl thought you were awesome, it would make it smoother. Mathews designed this bow to be smooth and you know it is smooth. They have a reputation for great bows and you know it will be a great bow. You shoot it once and you’ll have the confidence to shoot at anything knowing that you’ve done all you can do.

Shooting the Z7 is so smooth, that each shot becomes second nature, making this bow an extension of you as a hunter. Other bows can do that as you should practice until it does, but this bow being so smooth, it does it better and makes it more enjoyable.

Who could ask for more than that?

The Z7 features Mathews’ SphereLock Pivoting Limb pockets, SE4 Composite limbs and the Z7 Solocam.  It also has the Dead End String Stop, which is comes on the twin-cam Monster XLR8. Another significant difference is the new Reverse Assist Roller Guard.  Previous versions of the roller guard always had the cables on the riser side of the rollers.  The Z7′ s roller guard reverses this and places the cables on the string side of the rollers, utilizing a longer roller guard. This is designed to reduce cable friction. All of this helps make the Z7 shoot smoother.

But let’s get Xtreme!