Wicked Ridge Invader Crossbow – Outwrite Tested, Outwrite Approved!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I dig Tenpoint crossbows. So when I got the chance to try out a Wicked Ridge Invader crossbow from Tenpoint, I didn’t say no.

Wicked Ridge is a brand Tenpoint created to sell a lower price point crossbow that still features the quality you’d expect from Tenpoint. The WIcked Ridge Invader bow features 315 fps speed which we proved this past season is more than enough to make clean ethical kills on whitetails. It has a 180 lb. draw weight, which is eased greatly by the Accur-52 self-retracting cocking rope that is built into the buttstock. The Accu-52 is a great addition to the Wicked Ridge bows and I can’t say enough that it is one option you seriously should get. A cocking aide of some kind keeps your shots consistent, shot-after-shot. When you pull the striong back by hand, you will naturally torque it to the left or right. It can’t be avoided. And with the higher draw weights of modern crossbows, that will only result in missed shots. What you get is 92.6 average foot pounds of kenetic energy. That is nothing to sneeze at.

Other cool features of the bow are the Tenpoint 3x scope with 3 line reticle that gives you solid aiming out to various ranges. To tell the truth, we were shooting it out to 45 yards and were only using the top two lines. Very efficient bow. My package also came with a quick-detach quiver, three aluminum bolts and an embroidered sling.

The bow was finished in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity camo for a very cool looking finish. The bow also features a dry-fire inhibitor which is a nice feature. I had a buddy buy a much more expensive bow from another brand and he accidentally dry fired it while cocking it. The string frayed and two of his limbs snapped. Not a great way to go on a deer hunt. The Wicked Ridge dry-fire inhibitor works!

The trigger is also a nice touch. I’ve spent a lot of time pulling triggers in my days. I’ve come to appreciate a decent, light trigger pull. The Wicked Ridge has a 3.5 lb pull and features a nice, crisp deployment. It broke evenly and allows the shooter to make good, consistent shots, just like a trigger should.

Noise isn’t bad, but there is room for improvement. They sell a silencer kit from BowJax that I’ll probably look into for this coming season. The bow is very light and easy to haul into the field. My wife used it from ground blinds and took her first ever deer with it, filling her doe tag and our freezer in the process.

The Outwrite Truth

If you’re in the market for a good crossbow that has top-shelf features but a mid-range price, take a serious look at the Wicked Ridge. It was shooting good groups of 406 grain carbon bolts at 25 yards time and time again. It is light weight and easy to carry and hunt with. The Accu-52 cocking rope aide is convenient and easy to use and the scope works flawlessly.

It is easily one of the better crossbows in this price range.

Did I mention that I took a whitetail with this very crossbow? My “trophy” wasn’t worthy of the living room wall but was delicious. The best part was that my Wicked Ridge crossbow performed perfectly. The combination of the Invader and NAP HellRazor broadheads as a deadly combination, exactly what I strive for when hitting the woods.