Women’s Hunting Boots-Irish Setter LadyHawk Style 3887

These boots are full of surprises. The first thing I noticed about them was that they weren’t as heavy as I was expecting them to be. The second thing I was surprised by was the padding and arch support. The footbeds are removable, too so if you have arch orthotics, you can just slip them in and go. They are extremely easy to wear and easy to put on.

The usual must-haves are right there: a heel loop to make it easier to pull them on, waterproofing that goes higher than the tops of my toes and 1000 gram Thinsulate.

I need boots comfortable enough to get me out to my hunting blind, insulated enough to keep my feet warm all day and waterproof enough to trudge through the swamp to bag that buck. They’ve got just the right amount of tread – enough to keep your footing but not too much so you feel like you’re wearing football cleats.

In all, I’m impressed with the quality of construction and the comfort. Built for women, these Irish Setter LadyHawk boots are not your husband’s hunting boots.